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August 25, 2015

Imagine having someone on call, around the clock, to help you get where you need to be, provide suggestions based on your preferences, and solve travel problems when the inevitable happens. Well a newer than new app has caught our attention. Just like us here at the new look Media Kitty, Pana is also in beta testing mode to limited members and enjoying positive feedback!

Pana is a high-touch, personalized travel concierge providing 24/7 assistants at the ready for travel booking, troubleshooting, exclusive benefits and awards. Pana’s travel-savvy members simply send a message via the app to their concierge requesting flight bookings, hotel reservations, car rental, or restaurant suggestions. Through a combination of live travel experts and the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, members’ requests are swiftly handled and answered, typically within 30 – 60 seconds of when the request was made.


“Many of our initial beta customers describe the Pana experience as ‘magical.’ Pana takes you back to a time when travel was glamorous and simple,” says Devon Tivona, Pana CEO and co-founder.

The company’s AI-powered concierge team delivers individually tailored recommendations for flights, hotels, cars, and food by leveraging personalization profiles automatically built by member preferences and past behaviors. The concierges also proactively discover and address travel challenges such as booking a different flight when a cancellation or delay occurs.

Based out of Denver, Colorado, Pana currently provides domestic and international service for US-based customers.

Learn more or sign up to become a Pana beta customer at

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