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Meet Jasmine Ashworth, Marketing & Sales Director, Crystal Lodge & Suites

September 22, 2015

“What I like about Media Kitty is that it allows me to reach many journalists through an efficient and easy to use platform.”


Are you a long time user of Media Kitty or a recent member? 

I have been a member for over 4 years.

What do you hope to get out of the new relaunched Media Kitty?

For even more travel media to pick up on the great stories that the Crystal Lodge & Suites has to share.

How have you benefited from being a Media Kitty member?

I have had stories about Whistler and the Crystal Lodge shared and the pleasure of meeting media who would not have known about our property and our corner of Canada without Media Kitty.

What is involved in your job day to day? 

I promote the Crystal Lodge & Suites to different partners through online advertising, print advertising, travel agency partnerships, and much more.

 2014 Summer Exterior - Crystal Lodge & Suites

What challenges do you face in your role? 

Time Management is key.  What I like about Media Kitty is that it allows me to reach many journalists through an efficient and easy to use platform.

What are the achievements in your job that you are most proud of?

Creating and executing successful campaigns is very rewarding. It is nice to know I helped ensure guests have a phenomenal time while staying at the Crystal Lodge . I’m also excited about a new video about the Crystal Lodge which will be released in January 2016.

What makes you good at what you do?  My passion for the belief that everyone needs a vacation in order to reconnect with their loved ones and their ‘real’ life.

Deluxe Queen Studio

What is the best way for other members to find out more about you and your work? 

Visit and connect with me on LinkedIn and on Media Kitty of course!

What changes and/or trends are you noticing in the market and your work networks?   

As we are hosting many more international travelers than ever, we need to keep up with training our team on how to accommodate people from all cultures.

What is your number one tip for working more efficiently? 

Don’t spend all day in your email inbox!  Check it a few times but when you do actually action the items instead of continuing to peruse read and re-read messages.

What organizations/outlets do you think are doing things right in the current market? 

Tourism Whistler and Destination BC are doing an amazing job in the Canadian Travel Market.  Definitely brands to keep an eye on.

In your work background, how did you progress to your current role? 

I started as a Sales Administrator and worked my way up.

What are your top three highlights of your career so far?  

Opening a luxury 4 Diamond hotel in Whistler; Exceeding several budgeted targets through creative marketing and revenue initiatives; Leading a team of talented individuals who believe in always being innovative in order to deliver the best possible guest experience.

What hurdles have you had to overcome in your career? 

The Recession in the travel industry especially being in a resort town.

If you were not working in this area, what other area would you have been interested in working in?

The Film Industry

What is your top travel tip? 

Have Fun no matter what.  Unexpected things always happen when travelling so be sure to enjoy riding the wave.

What is the last movie you saw? 


What is on your bucket list? 

Seeing Fiji one day.

Connect with Jasmine on MEDIA KITTY!

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