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Meet Linda Tancs, Writer & Content Developer

December 9, 2015

I am a master at short reads, cramming the greatest amount of information into the smallest amount of space

Are you a long time user of Media Kitty or a recent member?

I have been a member since around 2007 or 2008.

How can Media Kitty members work with you?

As a journalist, author and brand/communications consultant with particular expertise in the travel/tourism industry, my hope is to connect with PR pros looking for content development. I am also keen on assisting with account coordination, implementing PR plan initiatives, brainstorming strategic angles and developing press materials.

What are the achievements in your job that you are most proud of?

I was a featured travel photographer in a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper’s book on New Jersey destinations and an exhibitor at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

What’s an interesting or exciting experience you got to have as a result of your job?

My travel expertise led me to a franchising relationship with Cruise Planners/American Express. That experience enabled me to manage media relations efforts, write press releases, develop messaging and respond to media inquiries. I strategized, managed and executed social media programs (including Twitter and Facebook), identified and used social media channels to build awareness of suppliers’ destinations, wrote travel articles and served as a source for travel articles for outlets such as MarketWatch.

What is the best way for other members to find out more about you and your work?

Through my site, Travel-related clippings are also located at And of course by messaging me on Media Kitty.

What changes and/or trends are you noticing in the market and your work networks?

Pets are a booming business, and the travel trade is stepping up efforts to join in. JFK Airport will soon have a luxury terminal dedicated to transiting and quarantined pets and animals of every kind. And American Airlines is initiating a first-of-its-kind pet cabin.

What organizations/outlets do you think are doing things right in the current market?

Airlines are leading the way in the renewable energy market by increasingly seeking out alternative fuel products. United is investing millions of dollars in alternative fuel options, and Southwest Airlines recently announced that it would start using biofuels created from forest remnants for some flights beginning in 2016.

In your work background, how did you progress to your current role?

Conventional wisdom says that childhood often reveals one’s life passion. I discovered that for myself when I opened a treasure chest full of childhood mementos and discovered (or better yet, remembered) my lifelong passion for writing. But childhood interests have a tendency to bow to the rigors of adult life and ambition. My path was no different. I pursued a career in the law and silenced my muse except for the writing of an occasional career-related article for a magazine or trade journal. In the end, though, the sirens of creativity lured me back to a career in the creative arts. Drawing on my experience providing practical legal advice to laypersons, I wrote three books for Oxford University Press on the subject of intellectual property law. Those books were acquired and are now published by Thomson Reuters for their Westlaw imprint. With an equal love for children’s fact-based fiction with an international flair, I self-published The Best Words Ever, a pocket book following a young boy who stutters as he readies himself for a big performance on Children’s Day in Norway. I indulge my passion for other cultures by writing my travel blog, Travelrific® Travel Journal. My latest book, From Brand X to Brand Rex, leverages my trademark and branding expertise, teaching small business owners how to develop and maintain effective brand strategies.

What hurdles have you had to overcome in your career?

Transitioning from a legal career to communications (my major in college) has not been without hurdles. Generally, my professional background does not place me as the most conventional pick for an assignment. I overcome this by pointing out that I have done a solid audit of my strengths, identified my transferable skills, learned best practices and spoken with professionals about their day-to-day responsibilities and concerns. Through this personal auditing and industry research, I have gained the confidence to move forward in my second career.

What is your favourite travel destination?

London. I’ve been traveling there for 30 years and am certified as a BritAgent.

What is your special talent?

Recognizing that the human attention span is about nine seconds, I am a master at short reads, cramming the greatest amount of information into the smallest amount of space.

What is on your bucket list?

Antarctica and Greenland.

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