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New app ‘CatchUp’ connects friends when travel plans overlap

September 24, 2015
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Ever visited a city or destination, only to later discover that a friend was there at exactly the same time?  Those missed opportunities to share experiences and reunion photographs can now be a thing of the past thanks to a new app called CatchUp.

Like our new look Media Kitty, CatchUp is surefire hit finding its feet. It helps friends reconnect when their travel plans happen to overlap by allowing you to easily check where your friends are traveling and get notified when they are visiting your city.

CatchUp App screen

“The problem with Facebook is that you put your trip as a status update and it just sinks in the news feed, so it’s never actually published to the correct people out of your thousand Facebook friends,” says  German Julius Koehler who created the app with his friend and business partner Malko Schraner from Switzerland. The two old friends were inspired to develop the app after randomly bumping into each other on holiday, having had no prior idea that they were going to the same ski resort at the very same time.

Along with fellow co-founder Theo Sarasin, the Hong Kong based start-up sees its app as the best way for people to share their itineraries and reconnect with friends and acquaintances across the world, whether it’s a weekend in London, a backpacking holiday in Australia or a business trip to New York.

Catchup app.screen 2

“What CatchUp does is that it looks into the future, so you can make a booking and search ahead of time and check which people are going there — and arrange to meet them before you actually arrive at a certain city or place,” Koehler says.

Similar to how Facebook first took off among university students around the world, the company is currently looking to young globe-trotters to start using the app on their travels and create a network effect, specifically exchange students of which there are 800,000 globally at any one time.

The app already connects with Facebook, and will soon also sync with LinkedIn, opening it up to a whole new audience and world of opportunity in corporate travel.

CatchUp is now available for free in Apple’s App Store.

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