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New Free App Let’s Talk Later Replaces the Need for Business Cards

October 3, 2015
Lets talk later app

As media and PR professionals, we are forever networking to either get the story or get the story out, meaning lots of business card swapping!

Have you ever come home from an event with a bunch of business cards and a foggy memory of who they belonged to or what you spoke about?

You can now say goodbye to exchanging those fancy triple-thick-600gsm-gold-filigree-embossed cards, thanks to the new free app Let’s Talk Later. It is an app with the potential to revolutionise the way you capture and use the contact information of those people you meet. Its innovative reminder function means you’ll have no more missed business opportunities, plus the handy ‘Google this Person’ feature lets you get the inside scoop on the person before you talk again.

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Serial app developer Adrian Stanway, previously partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, created Let’s Talk Later after an inspiring conversation with an entrepreneur in a San Francisco coffee shop. Both were in a hurry and forgot to exchange contact details. The moment was gone, the opportunity lost; but Let’s Talk Later was born.

Adrian Stanway

“The basis of the app is to capture brief encounters. It’s those little moments that matter,” says Adrian. “Ask yourself this; You likely have run out of business cards at some point, but have you ever run out of phone?”

The app takes seconds to use. You simply capture your contact’s name and email address, agree on a time to pick up the conversation again and you’re done! When it’s time to talk, the app will send an email reminder or push notification to your Apple Watch.

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“Lets talk Later means you and the person you are talking to opt into the conversation and you both have a note as to why you need to talk. This app makes you a better networker, period,” concludes Adrian.

Lets talk Later is available to download for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store



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