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Our Fall Travel Gadgets Roundup

October 29, 2015

There is no denying it, fall is well and truly here. And along with the summer season ending, so do all those lists of ‘Top 10 Places to Holiday this Summer’, ‘Best Family Vacation Spots’ etc. But never fear, with the shorter days of fall also comes shorter trips for business or visits to family, meaning another type of lists steps to the fore – smart lists of how to pack efficiently and the host of new gadgets that let you do so – it is the countdown to the festive present buying season afterall!

Along with the world’s smallest travel iron and a backpack that doubles as a comfy folding chair, among those that caught our eye is‘s list review of Lewis N Clark travel products, including a 60 litre duffel bag, a collapsible cup and items that let you keep track of your valuables, including a Radio Frequency Identification Stash.

Trackdot also grabbed our attention as it carries out a similar security function, letting you track the movement of your baggage from the moment you check it in at the airport, while‘s list highlights the iBackpack with an inbuilt power bank, a photo case that prints photos and a candle that charges your phone.

More quirky technology items feature in‘s list, including the Wanderer Cube, just one inch squared, it has a built in charger and phone stand. And our particular favourite, the Strone Roam, a smart device that lets you keep your mobile number while travelling internationally, avoiding roaming charges.

Let us know your favourite as you browse our spotlights below, so we can formulate the ultimate list!


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