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April 6, 2015

Meet George Bokhua. The main man behind the icon in our new Media Kitty logo.  Here is where his story and ours meet.

Massive fans of negative space illustration and design, we knew where to turn for a fresh mark to match the new platform we’ve been working on.  Our whole team was delighted when the famed graphic designer and artist agreed to collaborate on a new kitty to support our new platform. We have worked with George before with impressive results.

Like the people our service supports, the new Media Kitty cat called for a curious, purposeful and confident leader.


“Development of the mark took six days,” says George. “After a careful selection process and out of several initial concepts, this cat was chosen. And rightly so.  I believe the mark will lay a good foundation for the Media Kitty brand identity. Its distinct looks deliver an interesting and memorable experience.”

The Media Kitty team all weighed in on several options presented. Hearts and minds were tugged. Heads were scratched and butted. We opted for this happy, smart icon in motion to bring life to the brand.

“Cats are great to work with,” says George.

“Elasticity of their forms give plenty of opportunities to create solid marks. During the process It was quite lucky when negative space head shape appeared. It made the mark more effective and seemed to fit well with the brands ideas.”

Designer Lee Dale helped support the image with a fitting wordmark and impactful colours. Thanks, Lee!

The Media Kitty team will work its best to do the design justice by being as great, flexible and solid as the mark itself. Inspired to make negative positive and luck appear when our members come looking.

Love to hear your feedback!

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