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SecureVillas Offers Independent Safety & Security Certification to Vacation Home Rental Sector

September 8, 2016
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A new international standard in vacation home safety and security has arrived.

The standard is being welcomed by the ever-growing and increasingly complicated vacation home rental market. SECUREVILLAS certification offers an unbiased and thorough, third-party, health, fire, safety, and security audit of vacation properties throughout the world. The standard will provide a competitive advantage to property managers and owners who can reduce safety and security incidents, limit liability, and demonstrate their commitment to guest safety and well-being by gaining certification from SecureVillas.

SecureVillas Inc. is founded by former White House military social aide and public safety commissioner; Glenn Aga, and international luxury villas expert, Wolf Wörster. Quickly gaining momentum as a trusted and recognized safety label by tourism vendors, the company has already assessed and SecureVillas certified vacation properties in various holiday locations from Vancouver and Whistler to Laguna Beach and Palm Springs, and from Mexico to Costa Rica.


With security a more important travel concern than ever, and safety regulations and standards varying hugely between regions, we identified a need for an industry accepted safety and security audit to inspire confidence among travelers,” says Aga. “Certification offers a distinct marketing advantage to property owners who want to be part of improving the vacation property industry. The introduction of this standard is pivotal in moving the industry forward.”

The SecureVillas certification program is conducted by in-house auditors, who physically visit a property to rate it over 300 inspection items, including evacuation procedures, safety systems, physical and perimeter security, carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarms, system maintenance, emergency response, crisis management, staff checking, valuables security, and criminal activity. A property’s score indicates the level of SecureVillas recognition it will receive. The annual audit assessments usually take 2 to 4 hours, with SecureVillas providing ongoing support and resources to property managers, identifying challenges and opportunities to improve their ranking.


SecureVillas client members have a common interest to strive to uphold the highest standards of guest safety and security. They include individual vacation homes, property management companies, villa agencies, residential developments and resorts, and home exchange networks. Whether a property has just started on the path to safety and security best practices, or is already leading the way, SecureVillas has a certification to suit its achievements.

Maintaining world class amenities and facilities is an ongoing process that requires expert attention,” says Wörster. “We know as an industry fact that fatalities occur every month in vacation homes throughout the world, whether it be a drowning in the pool, a preventable fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

“SecureVillas certification addresses preparedness for these concerns, and others such as terror attacks, pandemics, and mosquito born viruses like Zika. We are proud to offer a sustainable return to the industry on something as important as guest safety and security.”

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