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Your Best New Travel Mate Is This App

November 28, 2015
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Planning a big trip Down-under? Maybe a Rockies winter adventure? A business trip to London? We have found your new best companion when traveling, appropriately named ‘Travel Mate’. Both occasional and frequent travelers need to be aware of their expenses, and this useful app provides you with all the tools necessary to control your money while traveling the world. Travel Mate is an all-in-all global expense tracker, currency converter, language translator and trip journaling tool .

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Allowing you to set your trip’s budget in your preferred currency, and record your expenses on the go in across 153 foreign currencies, Travel Mate handles the currency conversions automatically, even when offline. Expenses are updated, or amended in a few taps and can be categorized so you can track what area you are spending the most on, check the remaining budget and avoid over spending. Business and personal finances can be kept separate at a single tap to easily distinguish usual business expenses from personal ones. An export function enables you to save trip details as nicely formatted PDFs.

Easy to find your way around in foreign countries, Travel Mate’s translator converts 64 languages. Also handy for foreign travel, it displays both your home time and the time of your location. Activities can be created and details added such as flight information, contact details and tasks.


A built-in image repository has a full screen image viewer, and allows photos to be added against trip activities and be made the trip logo.

Use the built-in unit of measure converters to convert metric and imperial area, length, mass and volume units, Celsius to Fahrenheit or the other way round -Convert clothing sizes with the clothing size conversion tool.

 Travel Mate 1.2 requires iOS 7.1 or later, is priced at $1.99 USD and is available worldwide exclusively in the App Store.

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